Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween in Alaska

So the houses have arrived! Unfortunately we are still not living in them. Getting them off the barge caused a lot of damage to both houses. Then they had to get them from the beach to their spot in the village. Now they are still working on getting everything hooked up and fixed, building the arctic entry ways, etc. Hopefully by next weekend we will be in! Meghan and Andy are supposed to be moving into theirs this weekend so fingers crossed nothing gets in the way of that! Here are some pictures of the houses arrival:

I have now written four IEPs and done one re-evaluation. I'm glad I have those experiences under my belt! Piper and I have been spending about an hour outside every night so she can get some energy out and we can both stay acclimated to the dropping temperature. It has been in the high 30s/low 40s. No snow yet. It gets light around 10am and dark around 7pm at this point but this weekend is the end of day light savings. We were lucky enough to see a bold beautiful rainbow on our walk one night. There are also three new puppies :( I was hoping I wouldn't have to see anymore. Piper has impressed me with her new trick. When I put a treat on her nose she leaves it and then catches it in the air when I say take it! She doesn't always get it but she is getting good! There are also three new puppies :( I was hoping I wouldn't have to see anymore. Here are so pictures from our walks:

Andy taught me how to clean a ptarmigan. They are cute little birds and they taste delicious. The ptarmigan is the state bird of Alaska. They are brown in the summer and turn white for winter. Right now they are in the process of turning white.

Tonight was Halloween! The kids were excited all day so we didn't get a lot done but that was expected. We let them out early so we could get ready for the Halloween party. Last night Meghan and I made two huge things of Jello and then today we decorated and got everything set up. The party was for the whole village and there was a great turn out! There was bobbing for apples, blind folded pumpkin drawing, a Jello eating contest, a cake walk, and a costume contest. After the party I came home and got ready for the trick or treaters! I opened my kitchen window and passed candy out through my window. They use four wheelers to get around so I don't know why it surprised me to see them riding around trick or treating on their four wheelers. I guess seeing a group of masked boys on a four wheeler is a little shocking. My mom FaceTimed me while I passed out candy and talked to all of the kids. Piper also helped and liked looking out the window at them. The canine trick or treaters who strolled by also got treats.

Maggie was my first trick or treater. 

 Nicole and her little sister 
 Howdy, Nicole, and Kaitlyn 
 Tommy, Daniel, Gabriel 

 Carlton and Curtis 

 Piper greeting the trick or treaters 
 Peter, Ciara, Tanya, and Layla 

Thank you to everyone who supported our school by purchasing Twin Hills School gear! It is very much appreciated! Hopefully you'll be getting your items soon. :) Piper and I are doing well. We miss everyone at home very much but we are both staying busy and I just try not to think about it. The holidays are going to be hard but I'm glad that I have Meghan and Andy to keep me company. They are great friends and I am thankful for them everyday!

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