Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Break

December 20th was the last day of school before break. We had our Christmas program on the 17th. The parents came and the kids did a small reading and then we all sang Christmas carols. My kids recited two poems for their part of the program and they did a nice job with it! On Thursday we had our Christmas Pot Luck Dinner and did the raffle drawing. I did not get anything in the drawing but it was still fun. I tried dried fish and it was pretty good. It is hard to bite the fish off the skin though. I also had some Eskimo ice cream (akutaq) which was pretty good. On Friday I gave my kids some stuffed animals my grandma had sent me for them and we had a fun, relaxing day. One of my kids has stolen all of the candy canes off our school Christmas tree so she didn’t get to join in our afternoon movie.

Christmas Eve Meghan, Andy, and I went to the Christmas Eve program at the church. Almost the whole community was there and the church was decorated very nicely.  I also attended our Christmas Eve Pollyanna party through FaceTime and got to pick out a gift. I got a first aide kit…better luck next year I hope. I also learned that only people in the Philadelphia area use the word Pollyanna!

Christmas morning I went over to the school and FaceTimed my family. I opened my gifts they sent me with them. I got a lot of nice warm layers, Maddy sent me some beautiful things from her trip to Spain, and I got a Pandora bead that says Alaska. I sent home a seal/beaver hat for Maddy for Christmas, scrimshaw on walrus tusk for my dad, and a kindle for my mom. I even got to be at Christmas dinner at home through the Ipad only I couldn’t eat anything. That night I went to Meghan and Andy’s. We had a nice turkey dinner and exchanged gifts. Meghan made me a BEAUTIFUL quilt with my favorite colors in it. They also got Piper and mammoth bone and a slow feed bowl. Overall it was a very nice Christmas day and I’m glad I got to spend it with my family (via FaceTime) and friends.

 Purse from Florence, Italy
 Scarf from Morocco, Africa
 Pendent from Florence, Italy
 Scarf from Spain
 Candy bars from Spain..SO GOOD
 Quilt from Meghan

 Christmas Dinner
 Scrimshaw on walrus tusk for my dad
 Her new bowl takes her so long to eat she lays down

New Years Eve/Day I spent with Piper. The kids don’t come back to school until the 13th. We finally have inservices and workdays starting Wednesday next week. It started snowing Christmas day and we have had snow or rain everyday since. We got so much snow it was up to Piper’s belly. Now we have rain and wind and all of the snow is gone leaving a sheet of ice. We had fun going for walks and playing in the snow but this break has been rough. Being bored and alone is defiantly making me more homesick.

Piper paw print

My Christmas cards got here on the 23rd. I only had enough stamps to send some of them out. I ordered stamps a while before Christmas but they still haven’t come. If you get a Christmas card in the next few weeks I apologize for them being so late.

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