Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ice Fishing

Last week Carlton, one of Meghan's students, took me ice fishing for smelt on the river. The fish weren't biting and we had a big snow storm coming in but it was still a great experience and I had fun!

Tuesday we took a walk to the pike pond. There were some people there ice fishing for pike but they were way on the other side so we didn't go see them. It was a nice walk there and very pretty.

On Thursday we took the four-wheeler to the beach. Cassie, Helen's daughter, drove and Piper and I rode in the trailer behind. Piper loved the beach and had a blast running around and smelling everything.

Friday Daniel and Tommy took Helen, Cassie, and I ice fishing on the river for smelt. We caught a ton of fish! It was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect. I caught so many fish I lost count. The rods we use are just sticks with a line and hook. The hook has a little bead for a lure on it. They're basic but they certainly work! Daniel gave us three smelt and took the rest home to his family to split and dry.

Video of the boys fishing

Video of the boys teaching me to get the fish off the hook

Gladys went ice fishing up river for trout. She gave us a couple that she caught. They were very tasty!

I made a loaf of banana bread for Katie Moore who is one of the elders in the village and a founder of Twin Hills. She gave me these as a thank you. :)

I also got a necklace from Mickey. It is a grizzly bear claw with bone beads. Here is the necklace and a picture of the bear it came from.

Meghan, Andy, Liberty, and the dogs got back yesterday morning. I am so glad they are back! Liberty is beautiful! I got to hold her and she was wide awake. She is such a cute baby. I am glad that I no longer have to do the lead teacher duties. It was a lot and very overwhelming but I survived!

Helen and Cassie left today. The house seems too quiet now. I will miss them and having the company. They are going to travel around the Kenai Peninsula and then Helen is going to sub in another village in our district. This summer I'm going to visit Helen in Montana from June 21st to the 29th which I am very excited about!

I have ended up with another puppy. She is 4 months old and her owners moved. They left her out with one more meal and now she is on her own. Let me know if you're interested. She is very sweet and social. She is also almost house broken.

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