Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting to Twin Hills

This post is going to be long because a lot happened in the past few days so I apologize in advance for that. Piper and I have been safe and sound in Twin Hills since Friday! Getting here was quite an adventure in itself. Saying "see you later" in Philly to my family was not fun. I'm going to miss them all everyday. Fortunately we can see each other with Facetime and Skype. Finally when I got to my gate I saw that my flight was delayed two hours! I felt awful because Piper was sitting in her crate down in baggage for four hours. When we finally boarded we had a crazy guy on the plane who had to be pulled off, so that was interesting! I slept most of the way to Seattle. It was a very nice and new plane with comfy seats.When we got there we went right to our flight to Anchorage. This plane was...interesting. We boarded in the back and it was very old looking inside. I slept pretty much this whole ride because I was exhausted. We landed in Anchorage at 2:35am and I finally got my Piper back! After fourteen hours in her crate and two plane rides she didn't have any accidents and looked great! Alaska Airlines is wonderful. Each plane they gave me a little sticker from her crate that said she was on board too. They watched my stuff for me while I took her right out to pee. We then hung out in the airport until our next flight at 8am. She was being very protective of me and barking at EVERYONE. It was embarrassing. I checked her crate in with PennAir at 6am and she was able to wait at the gate with me until boarding. There was NO security full body scanner, mental detector, nothing. It was very strange because I could walk in and out of the airport until boarding time. This plane was even scarier then the last. I've gone down in size with each plane. This one had two seats on one side and one seat on the other. Meghan told me to relax and enjoy the view. So I did just that, until the pilot got on the intercom and said we had to go back to Anchorage due to a mechanical error! At that point I cried the entire time until we landed. When we parked all I saw them do was put gas in the plane so I don't know what was wrong. We were off again and landed safe in Dillingham. I got into the airport and Robin, the special education director, was waiting for us. I was so overwhelmed I cried when she hugged me and couldn't stop. Everyone was very helpful and helped me lift Piper's crate and took it out to the van for us. Robin drove me around Dillingham and gave me a tour. She told me the fishing was bad this year so a lot of families are going to have a rough winter finacially. She took me to the district office where I met a lot of people. I looked a mess after over 24 hours of traveling at this point and it was a big blur, but everyone seemed very nice! She then took me to the store to buy cold goods. I had sent about 6 totes of dry goods but didn't have anything cold. I knew everything was going to be expensive so it wasn't too shocking. I just didn't look at the prices because it is what it is. I was very excited to get my Tropicana orange juice though! She then took me to Alaska Island Air to get my air taxi. At this point I cried again because I was scared to get on that little plane. They loaded my dog and my stuff up, I said bye to Robin, and got on the little plane with the pilot. I noticed the petals of the plane said piper and I learned the plane is called a piper which is where Meghan and Andy got the name for their dog. The view from the plane was beautiful. I was still scared and didn't like when the plane dropped down in the air pockets but it helped being able to see the pilot and how relaxed he was. It was about a half hour plane ride and Meghan and Andy were there with the ATV to pick us up. The new housing is prebuilt housing they brought in from Seattle. Right now it is sitting in Dilligham. The water has been too low so the barge can't make it here with the housing. Until then I'm staying in the old housing. Meghan and Andy helped me bring all of my totes to the house. One of my totes looked like it was run over by something but I knew they all wouldn't make it unharmed. Meghan then made Velveeta for lunch and shared with me which was very nice. After lunch I unpacked some and showered. Piper and I were exhausted and we fell asleep. I woke up when Andy knocked on the door for dinner. Meghan made salmon and broccoli which was delicious! They are both very nice and helpful and I'm so thankful to be here with them. That night when we went to bed Piper was still being protective. She curled herself around me and slept with her head on me all night. Then around four she started pacing and panting and I knew she had to pee. I hoped she could hold out until the sun came up but I caved and let her out around 4:40. I stepped onto the first step and told her this is it! She squatted and peed right there for a long time. Around the corner came a village dog names Maggie and scared me! At least it was only her. I pulled Piper back inside and we went back to bed. I'll right about the next couple days tomorrow, I think this post was long enough!

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