Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our First Few Days in Twin Hills

Our second day in Twin Hills was spent unpacking totes. I didn't want to unpack too much because we are just going to have to pack it back up when the new housing comes. Meghan had us over for dinner again. She made ptarmigan stew. Ptarmigan is a type of bird Andy hunts out here and it was delicious! They said I've had salmon and ptarmigan so I'm officially broken in! Piper is doing well with Ash and Meghan's Piper. She want to play with her new friends but they aren't so sure yet. The playground is right outside my window and the kids are almost always out there. They ask me a lot of questions and want to see Piper but she's been barking at them. Everyone here seems very nice!
The next day Meghan and Andy took me out to the Bering Sea. Maggie ran with the ATV the whole way, she was very happy! Maggie is a village dog who lives at the school. She is very nice and Piper likes her a lot. When we got to the Bering Sea Maggie ran right in. We walked along the beach some and Meghan showed me different berries in the tundra, which is very squishy. I tried the blackberries which I didn't get a good taste of but Meghan said they were bitter. The blueberries were very good! I ate several of them. Meghan said after inservice we'll come out berry picking so I'm excited to do that. It was fun going out on the ATV and getting to see more. Meghan then left that afternoon for inservice. She'll be back tomorrow as I'm leaving.
The past couple of days Piper and I have been hanging out inside. We are both going a bit stir crazy. We are used to being outside, taking walks, going to the creek, playing at the farm, going to doggie day camp, etc. I want to go out and explore but I don't want to go alone. Every time I take Piper outside she tries to play with the dogs and run around, but she's on the leash so she can't. When I go to bring her in she sits down and won't move. I have to push her in the door. I feel bad and she looks sad. When mom and dad FaceTime me she hears them on the computer and runs around looking for them. There is a hall in the house and she loves to run back and forth and play fetch there and seems happier. She's still being very protective and was up almost every hour last night barking at little noises. She isn't going to like me leaving for a week for inservice in Dillingham. I'll be gone the 7th to the 14th. Andy will watch her and I hope she behaves for him. I'm going to miss her a lot. Marisa will arrive in Dillingham on Friday so I'm excited to see her. She'll go exploring with me! :)

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