Thursday, February 6, 2014

Baby Shower and Beach

Last Monday I threw Meghan and Andy a surprise baby shower. I had been planning it for a long time and am so glad it was a success. My mom mailed me a lot of amazing decorations and a lot of people from the village came. The kids had been a big help and passed out invitations to every house in the village twice. It was originally supposed to be last Thursday but after I had handed out all of the invitations Meghan told me she was going to be in Dillingham that Wednesday and Thursday. I changed the date to Monday and then our Pinewood Derby was rescheduled. So we had a pot luck on Friday and then on Monday but oh well! I had also convinced Meghan to save all of the left over pasta from our pasta lunch which provided a lot of food. She couldn't figured out why I insisted on saving it but now she understands! Agnes and Jessica helped me set up and get everything ready. It had also been a crazy day with high winds, no phones or internet working, and the stove not working. Meghan and Andy were very surprised and we had a great turn out so it was a success!

I had been begging to go to the beach and on Sunday we finally had a beautiful day to go. Andy took me down and I had a lot of fun finding bones and driftwood along the beach. It was so clear we would see the islands out in the sea. I found a lot of really cool walrus vertebrae and some seal bones. Andy also gave me a lesson on how to drive the four wheeler which turned into a lesson about watching the tide. We switched spots so he could drive since the tide had crept up on us since we had been there. After we got back I took Piper for a walk and Meghan told me to look out by the airport to see a bald eagle! I didn't get close this time since Piper was with me and I knew it would take off.

Meghan's long term sub, Helen, arrived on Monday. She is going to be staying in my guest room while she is in Twin Hills. She's a retired teacher from Michigan and very nice. Helen is watching Piper while I go to Anchorage for a conference. I was supposed to go to Anchorage tomorrow after school but Robin called and said she wanted me in Dillingham today. They changed my flights and I ran home, packed quickly, and then waited and waited to be picked up. The plane was full when they got to me so I sat right up front with the pilot. It was a gorgeous day to fly and we had a smooth ride to Dillingham. I was happy to see LeEsia, Sue, and Robin. We went out and I had an amazing dinner which was a salad and chicken sandwich with a soda. Now my belly is full and I'm in the bunk house waiting for our morning flight to Anchorage tomorrow for the Special Educators Conference. Meghan, Andy, and the dogs are all leaving Twin Hills this weekend for maternity leave. While Meghan is gone I am lead teacher! Who would have thought I'd be in charge my first year teaching?! It's going to be an interesting 7 weeks that's for sure! Piper and I are going to miss our friends but we are praying for a safe and easy delivery and a healthy baby! I also can't wait for them to come back so I can get my baby fix! :)

Tuesday was our 100th day of school! Only 80 more to go!

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  1. Love reading about your adventures. What challenging and fun times you are having.