Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Northern Lights

Last weekend Helen and I took a very cold and windy walk to the end of the airport. She took a lot of nice pictures of everything and tried to take some of Piper and I but Piper was being very uncooperative.

 This is Helen, Meghan's sub and my roommate!

 One of my student's dad brought me over some moose and reindeer (caribou) meat. Helen and I ate reindeer ribs for dinner last week and they were delicious!

 This week I had an amazing experience I am so thankful for! I got to see the Northern Lights two nights in a row! The first night they were very faint and white but they were dancing quite a bit. The second night they started out as a think green solid band. Eventually the band broke up and they they were in a couple different groups waving and dancing. It was amazing! They usually aren't seen here or if they are they aren't very bright so I am so happy I got to see them. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of them. I could see them in my camera but as soon as it focused taking the picture they didn't show. We also has the most beautiful, clear, star filled sky I have ever seen! Lots of people in the village were outside whistling and clapping. They told me that if you whistle the lights will dance for you. I stood outside and watched them until they started to become dimmer and I could no longer feel my hands or feet. It was beautiful.

This photo I stole from someone in Dillingham. Ours weren't quite this bright and distinct but they were pretty darn close! It was amazing.

This is what they looked like that night in Denali National Park. I would LOVE to see them like this one day!

I survived my first week as lead teacher. It was very busy but I got everything done and think I did pretty well. It was defiantly a lot of work with payroll this week but overall it was a success. We watched Hotel Transylvania for movie night and made $72 in candy sales for the eighth grade trip next year! Piper and I got to enjoy a few sunny days outside walking and enjoying the weather. 

Piper also enjoyed getting a Valentine's package from home and her monthly BarkBox. Thanks Mom!

And last but not least here is one of my kids dancing to "Five Little Monkeys" while we were cleaning out desks on Friday. Ivan dancing to "Five Little Monkeys"

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