Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Good-Bye Twin Hills

The herring were in Bristol Bay and they were there to spawn which means lots of herring eggs! Many people from the village went out to Summit Island to gather the eggs. I stole some of these photos from Mickey's Facebook because it is so cool to see how many eggs there were. They bring the eggs back to eat and sell. They are actually very good and pop like bubble wrap in your mouth!

We ended our school year with graduation and awards. We only had one kindergarten student graduating so we just had a big celebration with treats. We had a great turn out.

Cupcakes Meghan and I made

After the awards we went to the beach for the last day of school for a cook out. The kids gathered firewood and we lit a fire. Then they roasted hot dogs and made s'mores. We even saw a sea lion out in the bay! It was a great way to spend our last day together. 

That little black dot is the sea lion!

The night after graduation one of my kids dads, Mickey, called me and said there was a minus tide if I wanted to go to the beach to see people clamming. Of course I said yes! When we got down to the beach I couldn't believe it, the water was gone! Where there had been a beach earlier that day was now muck and rocks. We drove way far down the beach. I got to see a lot of cool eagles and other birds along the shore. When we got down there only Shannon was clamming. We walked out and walking in that muck was hard work! I finally got it and learned that if I tip toed I could get my feet out easier to move. Mickey showed me to look for the fresh clam poop, then you swipe your hand over the spot, the clam shoots out water, and you grab it!

All of the water gone from the minus tide

 Bucket of clams
 You can see the Twin Hills really small in the right corner 

 Spot where a clam is underwater 
 So much muck

We took our last walk with the dogs on the tundra. Flowers and green sprouts have started popping up everywhere. 

A small barge delivered propane to the village on Friday. I thought it was pretty neat how such a big boat can take the tide to the bank of our river. It had to wait there for the next high tide to come in to leave though. 

And here's a picture of Miss Liberty and I. Such a cutie!

Sunday came too soon and it was time to leave. I sent about seven totes home and left a lot for Danielle, the girl coming next year. I called a lot of people in the village to come take some of the food I was leaving behind. Our Village Council President, John, said a very nice good bye to me. I am really going to miss everyone. 

On our way up to the airport Sunday morning, Island Air called and said we needed to take Piper's kennel apart because another large dog was going to be on the plane. Andy and guys from the cannery were very helpful and were able to get it apart. The pilot wanted Piper to sit between my legs but she was too big and couldn't sit down. After we took off she climbed over me and wedged herself on top of the kennels, which were on their side, and the ceiling. She was pretty good up there until right at the end. I could see Dillingham and she started climbing back down onto me. I was trying to hold her back but she was too strong and slippery. We landed with me holding onto her back end to keep her from climbing up to the pilot. It was not a fun flight but we made it and Piper did not crash the plane!

Ryan and Riley picked us up at the airport and we went back to Robin's for the day. We helped her pack and Ryan was a lifesaver and got Piper's kennel back together for me. I got to see LeEsia at the district office too! Then it was time for our PenAir flight. The wind worked in our favor so we got to Anchorage sooner than expected. Glenda picked us up and took us to her B&B and here we are! We are in Anchorage until Thursday morning. Then we go to Homer with Meghan and Andy until Monday. I fly to Seattle Monday night and then to Philly with Marisa on Tuesday!

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  1. what an incredible adventure Megan. I know your family is anxious to see you.welcome home to Philly!